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General Services Facilities Maintenance

Provides general maintenance, plumbing, mechanical services, carpentry, electrical services, locksmith services, paint services, and others for State owned buildings in Helena. The shop is located at 1410 8th Avenue.

Construction: General Services provides general construction services when projects are under $150,000. To request estimates on a project please call 444-3060

Routine Maintenance: Issues are addressed by opening a ticket through General Services computerized work order system.

Paint Services: The paint shop is responsible for painting of common area space or other areas on an as needed basis. Interior painting is really only done to remove undesirable patches of paint in public spaces. Aesthetic painting of interior public spaces will only be undertaken when specific funds have been identified from a residual balance left over in the maintenance budget or when requested through departmental funding.

Plumbing: Responsible for domestic hot and cold water supply to buildings, waste and sewer  piping systems, natural gas and associated fixtures. GSD provides day to day plumbing for water issues that may arise in toilets, sinks, and urinals.

Mechanical Services: General Services currently subcontracts out day to day maintenance of all State Systems.

Carpentry Services: The shop provides maintenance personnel for the installation and operation of items such as doors, windows, floors, ceilings, and furnishings.

Electrical Services: The electrical shop is responsible for maintaining all electrical services on campus including main distribution of power, panels, interior lighting, switches, and outdoor campus lighting.

For more information on General Services Maintenance operations please direct calls through (406) 444-3060 or email