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General Services subcontracts Janitorial Services. GSD currently holds contracts with three different vendors.Vendors are responsible for making sure that facilities are professionally cleaned and maintained. Vendors  meet with  building contacts, and agency liaisons' to verify that cleaning tasks have been completed to meet GSD and building occupant standards. Frequent inspections and occasional surveys are provided to building occupants to make sure that services are being carefully monitored and improved. General Services welcomes all feedback and comments.

Services Provided by Vendors:

Carpet Cleaning: Shampooing carpets, vacuuming, maintaining common areas and other high foot traffic areas.

Office Cleaning: Dusting, washing out garbage cans, emptying garbage cans, spot cleaning, dusting venetian blinds, cleaning window sills, and heat registers, removing bugs and other grime from light fixtures, cleaning hand railings, benches and common room seating areas, cleaning door and office chair mats.

Restroom Cleaning: Sweeping floors, cleaning restroom partitions and floors, cleaning toilets and other fixtures, emptying receptacles, refiling soap, and towel dispensers.

For more information on General Services Janitorial operations please direct calls through 444-3060 or email gsdservicedesk@mt.gov