The General Services Division, Capitol Facilities Management office currently holds Janitorial Service Contracts with four vendors. Vendors are responsible for adhering to the scope of work built into each respective contract for the buildings that they are responsible for cleaning. Capitol Facilities Management staff acts as contract managers to ensure that the janitorial service work is being completed on time and in accordance with each contract and its specifications.  Capitol Facilities Management monitors performance and works to ensure that building occupants are receiving responsive and professional cleaning services from vendors in their respective work environments.

Capitol Custodial

Capitol Facilities Management also operates an in-house program. The primary responsibility of the Capitol Custodial staff is to maintain cleanliness, promote a safe and welcoming environment for all users of the building, and contribute to the preservation of the State Capitol and surrounding buildings. The Capitol building requires specialized care. To properly care for this historical building requires training and specified protocols for the safety of our crew and the conservation of the State of Montana’s Crown Jewel.

Montana’s history is one of fortitude and pride and the Capitol has seen its people through hardship and bounty. It is with great pride we serve the people of Montana by caring for the People's House.

Capitol Facilities Management welcomes all comments and feedback about its cleaning programs.

For more information on Capitol Facilities Management operations please direct calls through 444-3060 or email gsdservicedesk@mt.gov