Landscaping Services

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The General Services Landscape Crew provides these key functions to ensure the safety and proper appearance of State of Montana Capitol campus grounds.

Memorial Tree Program Brochure

Campus Landscaping: includes lawn mowing, lawn care, mulching, fertilizing, planting trees, shrubs, flowers, and re-sodding  lawns.

Campus Projects: includes building retaining walls, installing benches and picnic tables, maintaining walkways and sidewalks.

Maintaining Campus Sprinkler Systems:  includes installing and repairing sprinkler heads and lines, operating systems, as well as being able to perform blowout procedures.

Landscape Design and Irrigation System Installation.

Tree Removal, and Pruning

Parking Lot Repair and Cleaning

Debris Removal: includes sweeping sidewalks, picking up paper and other garbage, raking leaves, and weeding.

Snow Removal: includes operating snow plows to help clear streets and parking areas on campus, and shoveling sidewalks

Preventative Maintenance

Pest Control

For more information on General Services Landscaping operations please direct calls through 444-3060 or email