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 State Identification and Building Access Cards Introduction:

The Department of Administration and General Services require that picture identification cards be provided to all personnel who receive compensation from the State of Montana in the form of wages or travel expense reimbursement. All employees in the Helena area will be given electronic building access cards. The cards are issued to provide proper access and identification for such employees while conducting State business.

Informational Content on Cards:

Plastic identification cards provide a name, picture, agency or division, and employee number. Electronic building access cards are the same as an identification card, except the identification information is on an electronic key card. Building access history can be collected and reviewed when these cards are used.

Procedural Details:  

Agencies are required to provide Facilities Management with an authorized signature list of staff members that have been given authority to request and assign levels of access to their building(s). The Building Access Card Authorized Signatures form needs to have the authorized signature of the Director or a designee of the Director.

Form: Building Access Card Authorized Signatures

Individuals requesting an identification or electronic building access card must fill out a State of Montana ID authorization form and have the form signed by an authorized official within their agency.

Form: ID/Access Card Authorization

Agencies will not bear the cost for the issuance of the first round of access cards if the agency resides in a facility managed by the Department of Administration. The replacement cost for lost access cards is $10.00. Card fees will be assessed and charged monthly to the agency for which the cards were issued.

Location for ID Card Pictures:

Employees working in the Helena area can have their pictures taken and cards processed at the Old Livestock Building, 1310 East Lockey on the second floor. Visitors to the Old Livestock Building are welcome to ring the doorbell at the service window to gain access to the lobby area. Staff will assist with taking the employee ID photos. Since the second floor is not handicap accessible, individuals needing accommodations should call Facilities Management . Individuals that live outside the Helena area but wish to acquire an identification card can do so by filling out the authorization (ID/Access card) form and sending in a digital photo in a "jpg" format. Please call or email us if there any questions about the process.

ID Card Designs:

If an agency wishes to design its own identification card, and intends to use the identification system at Facilities Management, it must get in contact  to discuss designing formats prior to having identification cards processed.

Lost or Stolen Cards:

Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately to the Facilities Management. Facilities Management can promptly deactivate them upon notification.

For Employees leaving State Government:

It is the responsibility of the terminating agency to collect all cards and notify the Facilities Management of the terminations.

For additional information contact Facilities Management at 444-3060 or by email at .