GSD Leasing Operations

The GSD Leasing operation serves all agencies in finding space. By law, a state agency may not lease, rent, or purchase property for office space or other building space without the prior approval of the Department of Administration (section 2-17-101 (2) MCA). To gain this approval, the General Services Division has established a series of parameters that must be met before the department will approve a lease. Although compliance with these parameters doesn't guarantee approval of a lease, it generally expedites the process.

Agencies and Landlords are required to use the standard lease format provided by the General Services Division in preparation of their proposed leases. This format is required to ensure that certain provisions such as insurance, ADA requirements and non-appropriation clauses are never left out of a document.

Arrangements for telecommunications services from the Information Technology Services Division (ITSD), Department of Administration may begin during the lease approval process, but the actual work may not begin until the General Services Division approves the lease.

GSD currently administers approximately 400 leases statewide, comprised of nearly 1.7 million square feet of office and storage space from commercial landlords.

Public Access to Active Lease Database Information

Leasing Section of the Montana Operations Manual

Lease Database Administrator: Garett Bacon | (406) 444-3108
Lease Database Administrator: Tom Gustin | (406) 444-0189
Facilities Management: (406) 444-3060

2018 Average Market Lease Analysis

Lease Summary by City Report

State-Owned Real Property Report   (Compiled by the Risk Management and Tort Defense Division)