Access Card and State ID Program

The Front Desk at 1310 East Lockey Avenue, Cards are Issued Here

The General Services Facilities Management Bureau (GSD, FMB) provides an enterprise - wide key card access system for physical building security which utilizes electromechanical door hardware and a centralized information system.  Per DOA policy…   “State employees, legislators, volunteers, and contractors hired by the state shall have their state-issued identification badge on their person while in state space.”

FMB has staff dedicated to the management of the key card system and has expertise and experience to provide the best service, security, and convenience possible to our tenant agencies.

Our objective is to provide a comfortable level of security, accountability and convenience for all state employees with respect to building access.


Agencies must provide authorized signers to approve access to their agencies buildings. These contacts should be within agency HR departments or are designated security positions within the agency.  Access Card Authorized Signature Form

Cards are issued at the Old Livestock Building; 1310 East Lockey on the second floor. Individuals needing accommodations should call 444-3060 or email Please present the following form with the authorized signatures. A valid State ID is required for identification. 

Individuals that live outside the Helena area can submit the access request form and digital photo via email at

Card Terminations/Lost or Stolen

GSD FMB is integrated with the state’s HR process via FIM integration. Cards are automatically deleted based on this process. Agencies should return cards to FMB. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately. 444-3060 or


FMB will provide “who has access” and card transactions reports as requested.  Reports will only be released to HR representatives, Administrators, or the Director of the respective Agency.  Requests must be submitted via email to  Report turn-around is typically the same day but can be significantly longer for custom reports that require scripting.  Time for custom coding or scheduled automatic reports may be charged to the agency as a work order at FMB’s professional consulting rate.


Each card issued will be at a cost of $10.00 to the requesting agency.