Surplus Property and Recycling Program Specifics

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The Surplus Property program is designed for donees (state agencies, city/county, police, fire, and non-profits) who qualify for the surplus program to buy surplus as needed at a set price. Donees can walk in on any work day from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. to purchase. All purchases will be billed direct to their agency.

Surplus Property Program wants your surplus!

Reasons to turn your agency surplus in:

  • The property may be needed by another agency
  • It takes up valuable storage or office space
  • It loses its value rapidly
  • It costs your agency money to store it
  • It becomes outdated rapidly
  • Once an item is in storage, your agency probably will not use it again

Surplus Procedures

To surplus property from your agency, submit a Declaration of Surplus Property (DSP) form to the Surplus Property Program. The DSP may be submitted either electronically to or a hard copy sent to the Surplus Property Program. If you have questions contact the Surplus Property Program at (406) 444-9921. Once Surplus Property has received your DSP, you will be contacted to schedule a pick up date. If you have not been contacted within five days, please call (406) 444-9922 or (406) 444-9923. If an agency prefers to deliver the surplus property, the agency should notify the Surplus Property Program before delivery.

Information Session

Our staff welcomes the opportunity to talk to you about the Surplus Program. If you would like to know more about the what, how, when, and whys of surplus, contact the Surplus Property Program at (406) 444-9921.

Program Authority

The Surplus Property Program provides for the centralized acquisition and disposition of surplus property for state agencies. The Surplus Property Program is authorized under 18-6-101 and 18-4-226, MCA, and MOM section 1-0750-00.


Special revenue, auxiliary, or proprietary funded agencies are allowed refunds, less the administrative fee, from the sale of surplus property. Proceeds from equipment originally purchased with General or Federal funds will be deposited into the General Fund.

Hazardous Waste

Hazardous waste is not accepted by the Surplus Property Program.

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