Surplus Property Program Specifics

Notification of Surplus Property

Agencies can notify Surplus Property that they have surplus property through the use of the DSP form (declaration of surplus property).

Disposition of Surplus Property

“If surplus property staff determines the property has no value it will be up to the holding agency to dispose of it”.

 Once notified, surplus will determine the best method of disposing  excess items. Surplus will designate certain items when notified as "will pick-up items." Items can also be disposed of by the agency, items will be sold on site  or the items can be transferred to another state agency.

Pickup Surplus Property

 Once the disposition has been determined (given "will pick up status"), surplus will schedule a pick up time with the agency.       

 After the property is taken to surplus property, it is received on inventory, priced and made available for agencies and donee’s to purchase.

Monthly Garage Sales

The second (2nd) Friday of each month (8am to 12 noon) the warehouse is opened to the general public.  For information call 406-444-9921.

Annual Vehicle and Equipment Live Auction

Each Fall, usually end of September, we have a public auction to sell the vehicles, equipment and miscellaneous items that the agencies have turned in throughout the year.  For information call 406-444-9921.

Federal Surplus Property for Agencies and Donee Organizations

Surplus screens and picks up federal surplus property from the Department of Defense and other federal agencies.  This program is only available to state agencies, local governments, schools and eligible non-profit organizations.  For information call 406-444-9921.

Internet sale site for the sale of surplus to the public and donee organizations. (See Surplus Property Auctions and Sales)

 Surplus is offered for sale on our internet site at  This bidding site is open to the general public and the donees.  For information call 406-444-9923.