Welcome to STATE Print and Mail!

Each year State Print and Mail prints over 20 million sheets of paper for various state agencies. State Print and Mail is responsible for providing this service by operating a centralized duplicating and mail facility as well as administering the state wide managed print contract, and procuring printing from the commercial sector.      

Not all requests are completed at our production facilities. In fact, approximately 70% of the printing expenditures are procured through commercial vendors. State Print and Mail determines whether to produce internally or procure commercially based on many factors including complexity, delivery, and cost.

Our goal is to provide you the customer with a printed product that meets your needs within your timeframe and at a reasonable cost. Additional information is contained in policy, which explains the statutory requirements for recycled paper, cost disclosure, preferences and ADA statements. Please contact State Print and Mail for any specific or special needs and information you may require for your printing project or information dissemination.