Capitol Facilities Management provides an enterprise-wide key card access system for physical building security. Per DOA policy… “State employees, legislators, volunteers, and contractors hired by the state shall have their state-issued identification badge on their person while in state space.”


Agencies must provide authorized signers to approve access to their agency's buildings. These contacts should be within agency HR departments or are designated security positions within the agency.


  1. Download the access card PDF Form
  2. Fill out the form; supervisor and access authorizer need to sign
  3. Email form with picture (guidelines below) to - Note: If the form isn’t filled out correctly, ID or badge will not be processed
  4. You will receive confirmation that your card is being processed
  5. ID or access badge will be either sent via interagency mail or first-class mail once completed. Please allow three to five business days from submission to delivery.

What makes a good badge photo?

  • Front view of head and shoulders (no “selfies”)
  • Good lighting and contrast
  • Neutral beige or grey background (no white walls; no cluttered backgrounds)
  • Photo cropped fairly tight and in a square format
  • Some background above and to either side of head
  • Original photo (not a copy) in JPG or PNG format
  • Clothing appropriate to the workplace
  • A smile (not required, but definitely a plus)


Facilities Management is integrated with the State’s HR process via FIM integration. Cards are automatically deleted upon termination or separation. Agencies should return cards to Facilities Management. Lost or stolen cards should be reported immediately at (406) 444-3060 or


Facilities Management will provide a users list and card transactions reports as requested. Reports will only be released to HR representatives, Administrators, or the Director of the respective Agency. Requests must be submitted via email to Time for custom coding or scheduled automatic reports may be charged to the agency at Facilities Management’s professional consulting rate.


Each card issued will be at a cost of $10.00 to the requesting agency.