Goals and Objectives 2023 Biennium

Division Mission: General Services strives to meet diverse customer needs through responsive and timely service; finding sustainable solutions, adding value, and protecting State assets.

Goal: Make comprehensive decisions as to how resources are allocated and utilized to increase the efficiency of the division.


  • Continue to develop a centralized printing solution for the enterprise.
  • Invest in future MIS upgrades and technology to support information management within GSD by following the GSD IT plan.
  • Continually realign work priorities and resources to support efficient operations.

Goal: Make sound investments through analysis, planning and, resource allocation.


  • Continue to develop term contracts to set pricing on contractor services and performance manage existing contracts.
  • Continue facilities condition assessment (FCA) process; support funding requests with deferred maintenance data.
  • Negotiate property leases to ensure lowest possible costs while securing safe and effective workspace for state employees.