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Definitions - Capitol Complex

Custodial Care of Capitol Buildings and Grounds

Definitions - Heritage property

Allocation of Space - Leasing - Definition

Allocation of Legislative Rooms and Offices

Definitions of Building, Costs, and Construction


Capitol Complex Advisory Council Established

Council Duties and Responsibilities

Function of the Department of Administration - Capitol Area Master Plan - Advice of Capitol Complex Advisory Council

Department of Administration to establish policies on Capitol

Approval for Displays and Naming Buildings, Spaces, and Rooms

Placement of Certain Busts, Plaques, Statues, Memorials, Monuments, and Art Displays

Supervision of Mailing and Copying Facilities

Power to Contract for Printing - Exception

Public disclosure of costs.

Authority and duties of the state agency for surplus property

Power to Sell State Property

Surplus Supply - Rules

Sales of State Land Under Board Control

Disposition of Former Institutions and Certain Federal Land Grants

Sale to or Exchange of Property with Public Entity

Definitions - Building

Long-range building program.

Preparation of building programs and submission to Department of Administration.

Maintenance for state buildings.