State of Montana Recycling Program

Recycling Program Information

Program Overview:

The State of Montana Recycling Program provides state agencies with access to comprehensive recycling of common items and materials.

The program utilizes multi-compartment bins that are optimally placed in buildings in and around the Capitol Complex. GSD has contracted with Helena Recycling to provide bi-weekly recycling pick-ups for office paper, cardboard, aluminum, tin, glass, wood pallets, and plastics. At this time only plastic types 1 and 2 are being accepted.

Please refer to the current list of accepted recyclables.

Helena Recycling will supply GSD with regular information on volumes of recyclables being picked up in order to target activities and increase diversion levels. To see the current program data check out our recycling metrics dataset on Tableau.

Additional Contracted Services

  • Providing educational recycling information for State employees in Helena.
  • Facilitating recycling drives to be held quarterly on the first Friday of the month.
  • Occasional coordination of disposal waste streams, such as used computers/e-waste, fluorescent ballasts, and batteries at an additional charge to the requesting agency.

Before you Recycle, Did you...

  •  Rinse out ALL recycled containers?
  •  When possible, flatten all recyclable containers?
  •  Flatten ALL cardboard boxes?
  •  Remove plastic bags of any kind?
  •  Remove all lids?