• Who can I contact about a remodel?

    Per MCA 2-17-811 , "A State agency may not alter, improve, repair, or remodel a state building in the state capitol area without the approval of the department." CFM provides construction services and improvements in state-owned spaces. As stated in MCA 18-2-102 ; projects may not exceed $150,000 without legislative approval and are subject to state procurement requirements and thresholds. Agencies may request an estimate for a building improvement or modifications by calling (406) 444-3060 or email gsdservicedesk@mt.gov. A project manager will review your project with you and provide a cost estimate.
  • How do I control the temperature in my office?

    Please call (406) 444-3060 or email us at gsdservicedesk@mt.gov.
  • Can I use a portable space heater in my office?

    The use of space heaters is strongly discouraged. These units can pose a safety hazard when left unattended. CFM will ask employees to remove space heaters if a unit is deemed a safety hazard. Repeated work orders to fix tripped breakers due to portable heaters may result in a charge to an agency.
  • What happens if I get stuck in an elevator?

    In the event that you get stuck in a malfunctioning elevator, please use the emergency phone/button inside the elevator to notify General Services. If you are experiencing a medical emergency dial 911.
  • How can I open a facilities work order?

    A work order can be entered by calling us at (406) 444-3060 or emailing at gsdservicedesk@mt.gov..
  • What work order services are considered Billable?

    Please view Appendix A in the DOA Facilities Management Policy.
  • I noticed a plumbing issue, who do I contact?

    The waste lines in the buildings were not designed to handle refuse, such as garbage, food, coffee grounds, grease, and large quantities of toilet paper, paper towels, feminine napkins, and foreign material. These items can clog the drains and result in damage to the building. If you encounter a plumbing fixture that does not appear to be operating as it should (slow drain, clogged toilet, inoperable flush) please notify General Services at (406) 444-3060 or email gsdservicedesk@mt.gov.
  • Where is ADA accessible parking available on campus?

    Please view our interactive map here. Buildings and icons can be clicked on for more detail.
  • I have questions or comments about campus accessibility or ADA, who can I contact for assistance?

    For questions, comments, or grievances please contact us at gsdservicedesk@mt.gov or by calling (406) 444-3060.
  • Where can I eat on campus?

    Local food trucks park on the Capitol Campus frequently. Look up your favorite Helena food trucks and vendors for more details on their campus visits!
  • I would like to share feedback about my experience at a cafeteria on campus, who do I talk to?

    For all State Capitol and Mitchell café comments please call (406) 444-3060, or email gsdservicedesk@mt.gov.
  • How do I set up my public event at the Capitol?

    To set up a public event at the Capitol please apply for a permit at the Capitol Complex event permit page.
  • I am considering a painting project for my office; what colors are available?

    CFM offers a palette of colors called the Capitol Colors. Contact us for more details at gsdservicedesk@mt.gov.
  • Other questions? We have an amazing facilities support team to help you.


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