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Submit a Declaration of Surplus Property (DSP) form to the Surplus Property & Recycling Program (SPR). The DSP form may be submitted online using the link below.


Once Surplus Property has received your DSP, you will be contacted to schedule a pick up date. If an agency prefers to deliver the surplus property, the agency should notify SPR before delivery.


After the property is picked up, it is received on inventory, priced and made available for agencies, donees or the public to purchase.


Surplus Property can pick up your items in the Helena area free of charge. Anticipate that surplus needs a one week notice to schedule pickups of Helena area items. Agencies must prepare property for efficient pickup: Property in Helena must be in one designated area on the ground floor, on a floor with an elevator or on the loading dock of your building at your scheduled pickup time. Call 444-9924 to find out the designated area in your building. Agencies will be responsible for delivering oversized items to the surplus warehouse unless we can arrange to sell them on location.

Surplus is not obligated to accept valueless items or move them to the dump or recycling center nor do they move furniture from one location to another. If an Agency does not have access to appropriate moving equipment, in Helena contact GSD's Facilities Management Bureau at 444-3060. An outside moving company may need to be hired to provide hauling services for your agency.

Items that surplus cannot take includes but is not limited to:

  • Microfiche readers & accessories, fax machines, used desktop printers, tube televisions and monitors.
  • Used office supplies such as binders, folders, staplers and calculators.
  • Hazardous materials & waste including paints, solvents, items containing Freon or asbestos, explosives, flammables, oxidizers, poisons, irritants, corrosives, pesticides, etc.
  • Cubicle and modular furniture (see below for details).

Some of these items can be recycled at GSD's quarterly recycling drives in Helena or can be dropped off at Pacific Steel and Recycling. DEQ should be contacted for proper disposal of items containing hazardous materials. Contact State Procurement for current e-waste contract information.

Computers: OPI handles all surplus computers per MCA 18-6-101. Please contact OPI's computer coordinator at 495-9695 for more information. No other surplus method will be authorized for functioning computers. (Surplus accepts other electronics such as cameras, GPS units, cell phones, radios, etc.)

All vehicles, ATV's, trailers, snowmobiles, boats, etc. must have keys and original titles turned in with the vehicle. Please contact surplus at 444-9921 if you need assistance with getting replacement titles. Surplus will sign off on all titles. Vehicles should be turned in clean with all identifying decals removed. Please list known mechanical issues on these items so that we can properly represent them for sale. Surplus reserves the right to charge agencies for removing decals and for minor incidental items that improve the salability of the vehicle such as batteries.

Areas outside of Helena: We can sell many items located in outlying areas using our online auction service. This saves travel time and expense by avoiding hauling the items to Helena. Call 444-9924 to discuss whether your agencies surplus items can be disposed of this way. Alternately, consider sending your surplus items to Helena when you have personnel traveling back and forth for meetings, etc. as this too will save travel expenses. Please submit the surplus form and we will discuss the best way to handle your individual items.

Cubicle/Modular Furniture: It is best to contact surplus property before these items are disassembled so that we can try to transfer them to another agency or entity that may be looking for them. Once they are disassembled, assembly for the next user becomes difficult so if they can see the units whole they may be able to make a better decision about obtaining them. If we cannot find a new home for your cubicle units, you will be responsible for dismantling them and hauling them to Pacific Steel for recycling as we are not able to warehouse them at this time. If your office is looking for cubicle furniture, please let us know so that we can put you on a list to contact when it does become available.

Remember: Please make sure all file cabinets, storage cabinets and safes are unlocked and files removed. Surplus is not responsible for confidential records that are sent in file cabinets and will not accept safes and cabinets that are locked.

Moving: When an agency moves from one building to another, contact surplus property as soon as possible to discuss what to do with any surplus that arises from the move. Depending on agency deadlines and the volume of items destined for surplus, the agency may need to hire an outside moving company to deliver surplus items to the surplus warehouse.

Extra-large items or items requiring a CDL to operate: Agencies will be responsible for delivering those items to the surplus yard in Helena unless we can arrange to sell them on location.

Drop-offs: Agencies may choose to deliver their surplus to the warehouse at 16 W Custer Ave in Helena. A Declaration of Surplus Property form is required. Please notify program staff before delivery.