• Do I have to use Surplus Property and Recycling?

    If you work for the State of Montana including the university systems, then YES, you are required to use Surplus Property and Recycling's services. Surplus is required to sell or authorize the disposal of all state-owned personal property regardless of how the property was acquired or what the estimated value is. This includes receiving authority from Surplus for trade-ins, property cannibalization, transfers between agencies and scrap determinations.
  • I work for the state. Can I buy my old equipment?

    State surplus cannot sell surplus directly to state employees. MCA 18-4-226 states that an employee of the owning or disposing agency directly involved with the disposal may not purchase surplus from the employee’s agency. State employees acting as private citizens who are not directly involved with an item’s disposal can purchase at public auctions and garage sales but will not be given priority or advantage over any other customer.
  • I work for the state. Can I donate my old equipment to my favorite charity, fire department or county?

    No. Please list the name and contact information of the interested entity on the DSP form. If they are signed up with the surplus program, we will contact them and give them the first opportunity to purchase the item at the lowest price possible.
  • I work for the state. There is furniture in my building’s hallway. How come you haven’t picked it up yet?

    Surplus will not pick up property without a properly submitted DSP form. Ensure that your agency has submitted a DSP form and has marked the items clearly for surplus. It generally takes us up to a week to pick up Helena area items. If there are items that we will not accept we will communicate that to your agency and your agency will then be responsible for disposing of those items.
  • I work for the state. We want to use our scrap metal proceeds for our coffee fund. Can we do that?

    State Surplus manages the exclusive statewide scrap metal contract . Pacific Steel is the current contract holder. By contract, all scrap metal proceeds must be returned to surplus who then makes disbursement to agencies. Pacific Steel cannot reimburse individual state employees or agencies.
  • Who from my state agency can go to the surplus warehouse and shop for surplus? When can they come?

    The warehouse is open for state agencies and other account holders from 7:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. every workday except the week of the public garage sale when services may be limited on Thursday & Friday. Each agency maintains a list of authorized signers for their account. Although all state employees may shop, one of those signers must approve your purchase.
  • Do you deliver?

    Yes, we deliver to state agencies located in Helena. The minimum delivery charge is $30.
  • Do you have a website that shows everything you have for sale?

    Due to the high turn-over of surplus items it is currently not practical to maintain a complete inventory listing online. We always have a good selection of surplus office furniture and our vehicle and equipment inventory is always changing.
  • When do you sell to the public?

    We sell to the public using three sales formats.
    1. Online at www.publicsurplus.com.
    2. At our garage sales held the second Friday morning of each month.
    3. At our annual vehicle and equipment auction, usually held in September.
  • I purchased a vehicle from one of your auctions. When do I get the title?

    State agencies: Once interunit payment is received, we will send the title to your agency. Montana residents: Once payment is received and title work information has been provided, we will send the title to your county courthouse motor vehicle department. Out-of-State residents: Once payment is received and title work information has been provided, we will send your title to the address you provide. Temporary registration permits (40 days) are available for titled items.
  • I see a vehicle on your lot that I'd like to purchase. When is that one going to be for sale?

    Many factors determine when an item on the lot will be for sale. Primarily we sell vehicles and equipment at our annual vehicle and equipment auction but they will also be for sale throughout the year at www.publicsurplus.com and by bid at our monthly garage sales. Sometimes a state agency or qualified entity purchases an item before it reaches a public sales venue. Federal surplus property that is on our lot can only be transferred to qualified Montana organizations.
  • I just set up a new business. What can you do for me?

    We keep our surplus office furniture prices as low as possible which enables many businesses to outfit their offices for a very reasonable cost. For example, at our garage sales, we sell file cabinets for $10.00, office chairs for $5.00 and desks starting as low as $25.
  • What does the state do with its old computers?

    Per MCA 18-6-101 computers are donated to school districts for classroom use. The Office of Public Instruction handles those donations. State Surplus does occasionally sell servers, monitors, keyboards, and other peripherals at www.publicsurplus.com and the monthly garage sale.
  • Why do you have so many knives and corkscrews for sale?

    The pocket knives and corkscrews at state surplus are items that did not make it through security checkpoints at Montana airports. Anything that TSA takes possession of at airport security becomes government property and some of it is transferred to the state’s surplus program to dispose of.
  • What happens to the money you make?

    After surplus fees, the money is either returned to the state’s general fund or to the fund that purchased the item as specified in MCA 18-6-101 and MOM 228.
  • How do I participate in the federal surplus program?

    Federal rules limit eligibility to certain qualified entities. More information can be found on our website or by calling 406-431-3104.
  • Can my city or county include our surplus equipment in your auctions?

    Yes, we welcome the opportunity to include your surplus in our annual vehicle and equipment auctions. Normal surplus fees will apply. Please contact the program manager at 406-444-9921 to discuss details.
  • Do you accept hazardous waste?

    Hazardous waste is not accepted by the Surplus Property Program.
  • Information Session

    Our staff welcomes the opportunity to talk to you about the Surplus Property & Recycling Program. If you would like to know more about the what, how, when, and whys of surplus, contact us at (406) 444-9921.