The Surplus Property and Recycling Program provides all state agencies with an outlet for their excess surplus items and makes it available for reuse to other state agencies, local governments, schools, eligible non-profit organizations and the public. A state agency may not dispose, trade, donate or cannibalize any state-owned materials, supplies or equipment without the prior approval of the Department of Administration per M.C.A. 18-6-101.


The Surplus Property Program provides for the centralized acquisition and disposition of surplus property for state agencies. The Surplus Property Program is authorized under MCA 18-6-101 and 18-4-226 and our Surplus Property Management Policy (MOMs)


  • Picking up surplus from state agencies.
  • Determining the disposition methods of surplus property.
  • Operating a warehouse for agency shopping.
  • Conducting monthly public garage sales.
  • Conducting annual vehicle and equipment auctions.
  • Screening and requesting federal surplus property for agencies and other eligible entities.
  • Operating an internet auction site for the sale of surplus property.
  • Providing assistance with the State of Montana’s Recycling program for the Capitol Complex in Helena.


  • Maximize utilization of state property.
  • Remove unused surplus property from storage.
  • Control waste and misuse of state property.
  • Recover maximum residual value at the time of sale.