Scrap Metal Disposal and Recycling Program

Surplus Property & Recycling (SPR) manages an exclusive state-wide contract for the purchase, collection, disposal, and recycling of scrap metal. The current contract holder is Pacific Steel and Recycling. They must be used by all state agencies for their scrap metal disposal needs. Pacific Steel and Recycling works with agencies to establish an effective purchase, collection, and pick up process.


How to Utilize the Program

State agencies may haul in and drop off scrap metal at any Pacific Steel location. Haul-ins must be properly notified and coordinated with Pacific Steel. Collection containers will be provided to agencies at no cost during the contract term. All utilization must be identified as being part of the State of Montana contract. Pacific Steel will not reimburse agencies or employees at the time of drop off but will provide monthly reimbursement to SPR for reconciliation. If you have any questions about the scrap metal recycling program, call (406) 444-9921 or send us an email at


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