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We perform the full start to end process for back file scanning. We provide a smooth and secure transition from paper documents to electronic files. We digitize various types of media into various formats while offering a secure facility to ensure your information stays confidential and protected. Document Services is utilizing Perceptive Content for records storage, but will provide digitized content back to customers in most file types as requested.

Contact information:

2800 Airport Road
(406) 444-1493


Print & Mail has graphic designers and pre-press technicians on staff who can answer questions about building files, setting up documents, exporting pdfs, packaging adobe files — just about any file prep question you could have. They are constantly sending projects to print and have a very good understanding of how to set up files for print. They may even suggest a better or more efficient way to process your job next time, like adjusting the size to save on paper, or printing on a different size sheet to better fit your content.

The pre-press team are also very talented professionals who can design projects from scratch. If you need design work, big or small, we can help. Some of our more common design projects include books, annual reports, posters, signs, and maps, but we’re happy to chat with you about all design needs.


A big part of our design services is knowing and using all of the different brands and logos within state government. We substitute out higher resolution and correct color versions on a regular basis. Our pre-press team looks for branding consistency within agencies/departments.

We also can help you update or create a new logo, including branded items like usage guides, templates, brochures, business cards, stationary, and much more. The final design files are stored in our archives and we provide you a wide variety of file types for all different usages.


We house a lot of different assets including photos. If you have a project and need a photo, we can search within your agencies previous orders for images that were already purchased or help you purchase new ones. Print & Mail has access to several different stock photo sites and can purchase one or several photos depending on the project. Typically they cost around $10 per photo and can be included in your print invoice.


Not everything is print nowadays. We know that and are happy to provide any final print files to you in pdf format for web posting or other digital uses. Just ask for a digital version when you approve your proof.

Our pre-press team can also revamp or adjust your print projects into different formats if you need other assets to go with your print project. We charge $70/hour for all design services, so if you talk to the pre-press designers or technicians, they can estimate how much extra time it would take to make your print project digital.